Nick Cardy art - Aquaman 1963 #12 Angela - Aldrif Odinsdottir - Guardians Galaxy #18 Page Jughead The Hunger #2 - Adam Gorham Cover art Batman and Robin 1 Nov 2011 Emanuela Lupacchino - Superwoman 17 cover

ARCHIVE PAGE 921 - December 2017


Archie Fist Fight

Kennedy art - Jughead the Hunger 2 - Archie fist fight

Jughead The Hunger, Feb 2018, Pat and Tim Kennedy artwork

Star Wars at $494,565,957 worldwide after 4 days

Star Wars the Last Jedi has already piled up $241,565,957 in domestic numbers.

Star Wars Banana

"Banana Republic" takes on a whole new meaning with Dole and Star Wars

Wonder Woman #39

Wonder Woman #39 cover art by Paul Renaud

Wonder Woman #39, cover art by Paul Renaud - Jan 24, 2018 street sale date

Electro 2005

Costume or No Costume New AvengersDavid Finch lectro New Avengers 2008

New Avengers #1, January 2005, Art by David Finch

Justice League slows to $636,616,917 Worldwide

The take on DC/Warner's intended superhero highpoint of 2017 is at $220,116,917, domestic market gross. Justice League is trailing well behind the take on Wonder Woman ($412,563,408 domestic gross, and $821,863,408 worldwide).

Batman and Robin - 2011

Batman and Robin Cover by Gleason - Nov 2011

Batman and Robin #1 - art by Patrick Gleason

X-Men and Fantastic Four go home?

or, a Mickey Mouse Christmas 2018

December 14, 2017: Looks like Disney has bought up a host of Fox properties in a $52 billion dollar deal which theoretically puts some of Rupert Murdoch's family (Fox owners) on the Disney board and brings Paramount Studios under the sway of the Mouse kingdom.

If this is all true (and it sure likes like it based on the media coverage) then here's Disney's status as content owner supreme:

  1. Disney stuff
  2. Star Wars franchise
  3. Pixar
  4. Marvel Universe
  5. Rental agreement to use Spider-Man (otherwise still owned by Sony, cinematically speaking)
  6. Agreement to use Hulk (otherwise owned by Universal, cinematically speaking)

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out, since it will end up meaning Sony (which threatens to make movies based on Spider-Man secondary characters since it holds those rights, such as a Silver Sable, Venom, Black Cat, etc.) will be one of the few places still outside of the reach of the Mouse that is still utilizing original Marvel properties without Disney control.

Batman #36

Batman 36 Cover by Clay Mann

Batman #36, Feb 2018, cover art by Clay Mann


Shuri Black Panther Movie Poster

Black Panther Releases February 16, 2018

Batman Plop 1975

Batman Plop 9


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