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ARCHIVE PAGE 920 - December 2017



Angela - Aldrif Odinsdottir

Justice League

Wonder Woman Justice League Movie - Gal Gadot


John TImms art - Harley Quinn 26 - Oct 2017

John Timms art - from Harley Quinn #26

AMAZON - Harley Quinn #26

Interview with Jim Shooter

Interview at Adventures in Poor Taste

"[now] ...It takes forever to tell a story. What Stan [Lee] would put in six pages–it takes six months. So you look at the sales–Marvel comics are now $4 apiece, and they’re thrilled if the sales are over 30,000. When I was at Marvel, the whole world was different. We didn’t have a single title–we had 75 titles–we didn’t have a single one that sold below 100,000. We had the X-Men approaching three quarters of a million. And that’s not some special No. 1, or somebody dies, or changes costumes, or someone gets married–it was every time. A lot of it was single-copy readers. People weren’t running around buying cases of it because it had a foil-embossed cover. It was every issue.

I remember Neal Adams once saying something in an interview (probably in an old issue of Comics Journal) that when he was working on Green Arrow / Green Lantern, they were frequently in danger of cancellation for sales in the low 100,000's, a figure that would be a cause for celebration today.

Wonder Woman

Mahmud Asrar - Wonder Woman Art

Art by Mahmud Asrar - his online art site

Bane Conquest #8

Bane Conquest Cover #8

Wonder Woman - Conan #4

Wonder WOman and Conan 4 Cover


Original Page December 20, 2017