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ARCHIVE PAGE 916 - October 2017


House of M

House of M #1 2015 art by Marco Failla and color by Matthew Wilson

Art by Marco Failla

Paper Girls #16

Cliff Chiang Art - Paper Girls 16 Cover

Cover art by Cliff Chiang

Are You Kidding Me - Cliff Chiang - Paper Girls

Black Bolt #8

Black Bolt 8 Cover

The Spectre

Spectre - Jim Aparo ArtSpectre - Jim Aparo ArtSpectre - Jim Aparo Art

Spectre art by Jim Aparo

Glad to hear it, Superman

All Star Squadron 4 - Wonder Woman and Superman

All Star Squardon #4, December 1981, art by Rich Buckler

Starfire and Robin

Robin Dick Grayson and Starfire Kori - Picolo

Art by Gabriel Picolo - online web page


Original Page October 22, 2017