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Novelty vs Sustainability

"...The Aquaman Rebirth is a perfect example of this at DC– sacrificing visual continuity and coherence for a marketing strategy. Maybe it works in the short run, but the collapse of sales at both companies argues against it. I find it really hard to become invested in any title at either company these days because I know the editorial commitment to the new direction is completely non-existent. Given that most writer-artist teams need months to find their footing as collaborators this short-sighted editorial behavior is self-destructive and misguided. Remember when Lee and Kirby created 100+ issues of Fantastic Four together? Remember Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky’s ten year run on JLA? These days readers feel privileged when they get the same writer-artist team in a two-part story. And publishers are surprised their sales are in the low five figures?"

Source: Gerry Conway - Tumblr

Silence You Snivelling Jackanape!

Doctor Doom - and snivelling jackanape

Fantastic Four #87, June 1969, Art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott

Source: All of the Marvels

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You should be very proud of this achievement

Wonder Woman Ice Cream



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Batman #122, 1947

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Action Comics #57

Action Comics

Action Comics #57, Feb 1943, Cover by John Sikela


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