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Recent Archive Pages. There are nearly 1,000 pages of archives from the "old" Comic Book Brain site which will be brought back online soon.

archive-1000 - Wonder Woman 2018, Batman, Black Panther Coates, Bendis, Swamp Thing

archive-1001 - Marvel Movies, Black Panther, Poison Ivy, Batman #41

archive-1002 - Atlas and Axis, Wonder Woman, Brave and the Bold, McCave, Detective Comics #965

archive-1003 - Harley Quinn Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol, Trump, Gerry Talaoc

archive-1004 - Iron Man 597, Blondie, World's Finest, Little Nemo, Joelle Jones

archive-1005 - Batgirl, Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Jason Todd

archive-1006- Hellcat, Original Iron Man 1963, Harley Quinn #14, Batman and the Demon

archive-1007 - Hulk, Poison Ivy, Toxic Avenger, Harley Quinn, Dark Knights Metal

archive-1008 - Riverdale, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Lynda Carter

archive-1009 - Capullo Wonder Woman Dark Knight Metal, Avengers, Brave and the Bold, Batman #43, Archie

archive-1010 - We Race Ferrari, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Batman Beyond

archive-1011 - Catwoman wedding, Justice Society, Highest House


April 2018

How to draw Comics the Marvel Way - Stan Lee and John Buscema