DC Comics famed underwater hero, King of Atlantis and the consort of Mera.

Aquaman 1962 - Nick Cardy art

Aquaman 1962 - Cover by Nick Cardy

More Nick Cardy

Aquaman 2 Variant

Aquaman 2 variant cover - Josh Middleton art

Art by Josh Middleton


Neal Adams Art - Aquaman

Art by Neal Adams

Aquaman #45

Aquaman 45

Aquaman #45 June, 1994. Art by Ron Lim and inks by Chris Ivy

Aquaman #19

Aquaman 19 - Brad Walker art - and Andrew Hennessy

Cover art by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy

It's A Surface Custom

Aquaman and Mera Surface Custom

DC Rebirth Aquaman - art by Brad Walker

Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg

Batman Aquaman Cyborg


kannoponta Aquaman Motorscooter
Mera Aquaman JusticeMera Aquaman JusticeMera Aquaman Justice

Aquaman Cartoon

Aquaman Cartoon

Cartoon by Rinian Artgur - online web page

Amanda Conner - Aquaman

Harley Quinn One Shot 2014 - 4

Chad Hardin artwork - Harley Quinn meets Aquaman, Harley Quinn Futures End One-Shot

Aquaman #37 Cover art - Darwyn Cooke

Aquaman and Merna the Mermaid Queen Mera - Darwyn Cooke Cover At Detail

Cover Art Aquaman #37 by Darwyn Cooke - Mera

Aquaman and the Others #5 Cover

Aquaman #5 Cover with the Others

Aparo: Aquaman and Batman

Jim Aparo artwork - cover Brave and the Bold 114

Jim Aparo - Brave and the Bold 114 - View enlarged Cover

Aquaman 34 Nick Cardy

Aquaman team-up with Batman, 1978

Brave and the Bold 142 cover - Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo cover art of Batman and Aquaman (a character Aparo had worked on many times since 1968). As was usual for the latter 1970's Bob Haney scripts, a minor confrontation between our two heroes will occur before the 'brave and the bold' reconcile their issues and then team together to clobber the villains. See the cover enlarged.

Nick Cardy Cover to Aquaman #48 - Nov/Dec 1969

Nick Cardy Aquamn Art

More Nick Cardy Art

Aquaman #18 - December 1964

Aquaman Nick Cardy - issue 18

Aquaman #18, December 1964, cover art by Nick Cardy

Aquaman #63 - Jim Aparo

Aquaman #63 - Jim Aparo cover artwork

Aquaman #63, September 1978. More Jim Aparo

Poor Aquaman

Feb 2013: From the Vaviper blogspot website:

"The horrifying physiological and psychological consequences of being Aquaman.

I've always thought Aquaman sucked as a superhero. After all, in order to get away from him, all you have to do is leave the water. But check out this article about the scientific aspects of the problems he has to deal with: penetrating cold, osmotic pressure, the bends, the limited diet, and the constant, unceasing screams of dying marine life. "

More Aquaman

Aquaman 56

Nick Cardy 56 - Cover Aquaman

Aquaman #56, April 1971 Cover by Nick Cardy


Aquaman 18 Joshua Middleton

Art by Joshua Middleton

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