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June 25, 1928 – May 27, 2006

Batman by Alex Toth

Brief informal bio of Alex Toth

The legendarily cranky comics artist (and animation artist) was respected for his high quality drawing and advanced sense of storytelling. He fought with just about everyone and was known for taking scripts and rewriting them to suit himself, unbidden by the editors who then had to decide whether to use the results or not (usually they didn't: a whole trough of unprinted Toth comics exists somewhere, or maybe nowhere, since such material was probably trashed. Like the generation of comics artists that Toth belonged to and who made the industry what it was, original art was not considered that important and was often disposed of. The main concern of this group of artists was the printed work, not the original.)

Whatever tormented Toth (and his biography is full of gaps, dark depressions, and fights with long-time friends who suddenly never heard from him again) he was a genuine genius comic book artist, combining drawing skills, draftsmanship, storytelling ability and possessing that fourth-dimensional element that makes a good comic book come alive for a reader.

In an industry where many a star artist has been able to cash in on their fame for the best paying page-rate, the most renown among the fans, and the celebrity and connections to bridge their way into even more lucrative multi-media projects, Toth apparently didn't care and refused the accolades that were piling up around his name toward the last years of his life.

Alex Toth Art

Alex Toth "Lone Hawk" 1966

Lone Hawk - Blazing Combat 2 - Alex Toth

Alex Toth Batman and Robin

Batman Adventures comics, 1994

Alex Toth cover Justice League

Alex Toth Justice League of America with Superman - Black Canary - Batman

See cover enlarged: Alter Ego #63, Dec 2006, Justice League Cover Art

Taps for Wally Wood - by Alex Toth

Below: First page from the Toth story "Taps" that appeared in the short-lived BOP comics magazine. Toth dedicated the strip to Wally Wood, who had then recently killed himself.Alex Toth Taps for Wally Wood

The Unseen 13 Cover - ALex Toth

Unseen #13, published by Standard, February 1954, art by Alex Toth

Black Canary by Alex Toth

Alex Toth Black Canary black and white page

Alex Toth yellow Devil White Devil

Alex Toth Batman

Sequence from Detective Comics 442

Alex Toth Batman 1

Alex Toth Batman 2

Alex Toth Batman 3

Alex Toth Batman 4

Alex Toth 1953

Blinded by Love Alex Toth 1953

From Popular Romance #22. More Alex Toth

Alex Toth art - Black Canary

"Toth's Inner Eye" - Essay on Alex Toth/Robert Kanigher's "White Devil... Yellow Devil!"

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Alex Toth Comic Book Artist

Alex Toth Black Canary

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Alex Toth Black Canary Splash Page

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Toth Black Canary Page

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Toth B&W Black Canary Page

Alex Toth has died - Obit page

Alex Toth Blazing Combat Page 1966

Alex Toth Darby O'Gill Page 1959

Detective Comics #442, Sept 1974, Alex Toth Splash Page

Alex Toth Blazing White Devil Yellow Devil 1972

Alter Ego #63, Dec 2006, Justice League Cover Art

The Unseen #5, June 1952, Alex Toth Color splash page

The Unseen #5, June 1952, Alex Toth B&W splash page

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