Robots and pleasantness

Superman Confidential

Superman Confidential #5

DC Comics, Cover dated June 2007
Written by Darwyn Cooke and Art by Tim Sale
Cover price $2.99

Darwyn Cooke's pleasant romance between Lois and Supes continues with plenty of room for the wide open panel art Tim Sales fills in with his generally pleasant artwork. Perhaps the problem with this series is that it is too pleasant and all of the "thrills" are of a minor sort: Supes keeps a "Clark Kent Robot" on hand to fool people; the bad guy Gallo is being possessed by a hunk of green Kryptonian rock which dreams of Buddhists (who are pleasant!); and Lex Luthor is a scowling villain who pleasantly stays out of the the way of the story. Ma and Pa Kent give and get hugs, and Superman has that goofy "my angst is only an inch deep and possibly only a cover for confusion" look on his face which Sale has been using since the Jeff Loeb scripted "Superman for all Seasons" book (one of my favorite Superman books, by the way, and I am not much of a Supes fan).

These sound like complaints, but it's only aimed at the overall direction of the tale which is predictably (but pleasantly!) headed toward a confrontation between the green rock guy and whatever combination of threat manufactured from the sometimes presense of Lex Luthor. Like The Joker over in Batman Comics, Lex Luthor is one of the comic book worlds most over-extended villains.

Sale's artwork is the same beautiful design and linework that he has exhibited in many previous comic books. Reliable and well done, there's nothing to complain against (except for the occasional wobbly line and sense of distance. For example, read my review of Superman Confidential #1).

Dave Stewart has an ongoing experiment in color pallete going on with the first few pages of each issue, which are sections of the story which do not immediately involve Superman and take place in various locales. He includes phony misregistration color on these pages. He uses a very different color scheme for the rest of the comic story, though, which is primary red and blue, since this is afterall a Superman book.

This is a continuing series.


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