Jack Kirby Kamandi #20

Jack Kirby Kamandi

Kamandi #20,
DC Comics cover dated August 1974

In Kirby's Kamandi series, how did humankind destroy itself, turning the earth over to animals, and devolving itself in the bargain? Kirby's humans (not counting Kamandi, of course) are yowling cattle, and the oddity of a thinking and talking "animal" like Kamandi leads to the multi-issue hunt by gorilla soldiers to capture Kamandi. They wind up in Chicago, only it's an amusement park ride Chicago with cartoonish gangster automatons running loose with real guns and ammo, acting out programmed entertainment.

Kirby has Kamandi searching for clues to humanity's demise, and it's a reason to have one crazy situation after another for Kamandi to see (for the benefit of the reader) and to then slip away to the next one. Kirby's anguish in the Kamandi series is a tale in which Kamandi is always close to finding another thinking, talking human, only to find he's still alone.

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Kamandi 20 - Kirby Page 5


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