Jack Kirby Wednesday

Kamandi pages from Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth,
No. 22, Cover dated October 1974



Jack Kirby's dolphin episodes for Kamandi followed on the heels of the George C. Scott film The Day of the Dolphin from 1973. That film dealt with a scientist who trains dolphins to understand and use the English language, only to have his project hijacked by agents intent upon assasinating the President of the United States.

However, Kirby's story about Kamandi being inserted into undersea dolphin society, a place where dolphins not only speak but have their own information and entertainment malls, and as Kirby puts it : "Once masters of the globe kept fish in tanks.... In Kamandi's world, fish keep men in tanks undersea!"

A female dolphin named Teela becomes fixated on Kamandi and is issued a permit from the undersea dolphin government to make Kamandi a servent. Kamandi insists he is a 'free agent' and won't have any part of it. But when Teela is attacked by the "Red Baron," a human trained by killer whales to attack dolphins, Kamandi suits up to fight for the dolphins.

The flaw permeating this series rears its head: Kirby's brevity in using his storyline. He rushes so quickly to reach the end of the issue that his plotline is barely developed.

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