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Star Wars art by artist Matt Ferguson

Artwork by Matt Ferguson

J. J. Abrams directing next Star Wars

January 2013: Not exactly hard to predict, but Abrams has got the helm for the next Star Wars movie, the property which is now owned by Disney. (The complaints and back-handed compliments are already being rolled out in the fan world..."Abrams has the gift of imitation" seems to be the gist of the semi-supportive compliments.) Runner-up for the director slot up was apparently Ben Affleck (an intriguing choice, to say the least).

Abram's next film Star Trek Into Darkness will be coming out on May 17, 2013.

Drew Struzan being asked to come out of retirement to do new Star Wars Poster

January 2013: Hand-drawn movie poster art is a bit archaic these days where photoshop and bland poster design rules the day, but Disney seems to be putting forth a solid effort at wooing old fans with news they want Drew Struzan for designing the coming Star Wars reboot.

Struzan's work covers a multitude of films (and other detritus). Struzan's official portfolio online. (Below, the Struzan "Star Wars Circus" print that is sold at his site.)

Drew Struzan Star Wars

TV Guide Drew Truzan

Star Wars

The Mouse is hungry again: Disney buying Lucasfilms

October 30, 2012: George Lucas said that he wanted the Star Wars franchise to live on after him and this was a way to move the property into the hands of other filmmakers. Disney has already announced a Star Wars 7 for 2015. Lucas has also stated he has story treatments for 3 additional films already completed.

The deal is for $4.05 billion in cash and stock.

Original Star Wars 1977

Shattered Empire

Shattered Empire

Art by Mike Deodato Jr.

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Star Wars Mark Brooks

Art by Mark Brooks

Star Wars 16 Cover Art

Star Wars

Star Wars Mark Brooks

Art by Mark Brooks

Hardcover Star Wars Book - Lucas

Star Wars Original Book by Lucas

Han Solo at work

Han Solo Star Wars

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