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Wolverine is usually known as Logan, but born James Howlett, a mutant who possesses the sensing ability of an animal and a healing ability to recover from wounds and generally any physical harm whatsoever, even being torn to bits by Hulk. This ability is linked to his nearly-indestructible metal alloy adamantium skeleton.

He has been a long-time member of Marvel Comics' the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and also the Avengers.

Wolverine's first appearance was in the last panel of The Incredible Hulk issue #180 in 1974. Creation credit is with Len Wein and John Romita, Sr. who created the first design. Marvel artist Herb Trimpe was the first to actually drew Wolverine adventures.

Writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne further developed the character during their long run on X-Men, and the character was a key part in making X-Men a best-selling Marvel series, and then a still running series of movies from 20th Century Fox.

Wolverine is easily one of Marvel Comics' top five most popular characters.

All New Wolverine 004

All New Wolverine 004 - cover by Bengal

Cover art by Bengal - online facebook page




Bryan Hitch art - Wolverine

Art by Bryan Hitch

Savage Wolverine

Wolverine and Kitty

Wolverine - Kitty

Art by Niko Henrichon

First Wolverine 1974

The first appearance of Wolverine took place in Incredible Hulk #180, Oct 1974. Artwork below by Herb Trimpe is that first time appearance of Wolverine (design by John Romita Sr., who was the art director on the title). Cover art by Trimpe, with some alts made by Romita.

The artwork shown below is coming up at auction at Heritage Auctions on May 15, 2014.

Herbe Trimple Wolverine by Herb Trimpe - First Appearance

More Wolverine Wolverine Movie 2013 Page


Wolverine Lionel Gerchel

Art by Lionel Gerchel - web site

Captain America vs Wolverine

Art by Gabrielle Dell’Otto


Pleasant Dreams Little Man

Pleasant Dreams Wolverine


Wolverine - Guillem March Art

More Guillem March

Wolverine Attacks

Wolverine Attacks

Art by Joey Vazquez

Wolverine and Mystique

Wolverine and Mystique

Art by Jae Lee

Savage Wolverine 13


Wolverine Roger Kruz art

Frank Cho - Wolverine

Frank Cho Wolverine

More Frank Cho

Hugh Jackman - X-Men Wolverine

Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Shanna the She-Devil and Wolverine in Battle

Wolverine and Shanna Fight

From Savage Wolverine #3, see the 2-page spread enlarged.

Leinil Francis Yu art - Ultimate Wolverine Hulk

Wolverine and Hulk  issue 1 spread

See this two-page spread by Leinil Francis Yu enlarged.


Wolverine - John Byrne

John Byrne X-Men Portfolio Wolverine

More John Byrne

Wolverine issue #306

Samnee Wolverine

See Page Enlarged

Frank Cho "Sky-Diving" Wolverine

Wolverine by Frank Cho

Wolverine Sky-Diving Page. (see it larger and upside down)

Wolverine Happy Meal

More Wolverine plastic Happy Meal Toy

Wolverine and Hulk discuss matters

Hulk and Wolverine

Savage Wolverine issue 5 - see enlarged

Frank Cho - Cover Savage Wolverine #5

Cover art Savage Wolverine

Savage Wolverine & Shanna Team-Up

Savage WOlverine by Frank CHo

See the cover here.

Shanna the She Devil and Wolverine by Frank Cho

Savage Wolverine issue 2 cover - Frank Cho

Frank Cho the Savage Wolverine issue 2

Leinil Francis Yu art

Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk issue #1, 2005 Leinil Francis Yu Wolverine

Enlarge the entire page.

Savage Wolverine - page from issue 7

Page art by Joe Madureira

Savage Wolverine issue 7 Page art by Madureira

John Matos Wolverine Art Prints

Wolverine John Matos

Jock artwork Savage Wolverine Issue 11 cover

Savage Wolverine #11, November 2013, Marvel Comics

Savage Wolverine #16 - by Isanove

Cover Savage Wolverine 16

Isanove by Wolverine

Page by Savage Wolverine

Savage Wolverine issue 7
Wolverine issue 5 Thor Cover

Wolverine 5

Wolverine Eyes Wolverine Tattoo

"How did the rose move from my shoulder [cover] to my bicep? [this page]"




Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho Cover art

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho art - Shanna the She-Devil - 1

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho art - Shanna the She-Devil - 2

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho art - Shanna the She-Devil - 3

Savage Wolverine #7, Sept 2013, Joe Madureira Art

Paul Pelletier art page to Wolverine #306

Chris Samnee cover to Wolverine #306

Ultimate Wolverine and Hulk #1, 2005

Avengers #8, Jan 2013, Chrisopher Jones Hulk skyscraper Page

The Wolverine - 2013 movie starring Hugh Jackman

John Matos Wolverine

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