Winsor McCay

Zenas Winsor McCay was born September 26, 1869 in Spring Lake, Michigan, Died July 26, 1934 in Brooklyn, NY

Innovative cartoonist and animation artist who is best known for his long-running newspaper comic strips Little Nemo in Wonderland and Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend. He created some of the very first animated cartoons with hand-drawn black and white animation of his Little Nemo character in 1911, and this was followed with nine other films. His adventures of Gertie the Dinosaur was an animated film which he incorporated into a vaudeville act. This act toured parts of the United States and starred McCay in which he would interact with the cartoon dinosaur through precise timing between his live actions and the filmed actions of the cartoon dinosaur, and in the end he was would leave the stage to then appear in cartoon form on the screen, to ride Gerties offstage.

McCay battled with the publishing companies that he worked for and often had to fight for changes in his contracts or for more freedom (for example, he had a long-running series of battles with Randolph Hearst who wanted McCay to not perform the vaudeville shows but to devote all his energy to the newspaper strip starring Nemo.)

Little Nemo in SLumberland

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 1

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 2

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 3

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 4

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 5

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 6

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 7

Winsor Mccay - Little Nemo 8

More of this particular strip at the Chawed Rosin.

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