Cover Weird Mystery 5 - art by Jack Sparling Witch Queen - Jack Kirby from Weird Mystery 1 1972

Weird Mystery #1

July-August 1972

DC Comics

Art by Jack Kirby, Kaluta, Berni Wrightson, Howard Purcell, Jack Abel, E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Royer

Jack Kirby Weird Mystery

Jack Kirby - Witch Queen of Sumaria - Weird Mystery #1 - 1972

Weird Mystery #1, Jul-Aug 1972, Art by Jack Kirby

Weird Mystery Tales started off in 1972 with a different tone than DC's various mystery books, courtesy of Jack Kirby's written and drawn "Horoscope Phenomenon or Witch Queen of Sumaria," a compendium of brief anecdotes where people dream (in heavily symbolic images) of events prior to their actual happening. The 10-page story was originally slated for a different title altogether, DC's Spirit World. With a slightly modified splash page of insert art from Berni Wrightson, Kirby's story was the first tale in the first issue of Weird Mystery Tales.

Jack Kirby - Witch Queen art - Dream Analysis

Page art from Witch Queen of Sumaria - art by Jack Kirby

Howard Purcell artwork - Weird Mystery 1972

The Borthers Beaumont - art by Howard Purcell

Weird Mystery #1, July-Aug 1972, Cover by Jack Kirby

Weird Mystery #5, March-April 1973, Cover by Jack Sparling

Weird Mystery #10, Feb-March 1974, Cover by Luis Dominguez

Weird Mystery #12, June-July 1974, Cover by Luis Dominguez

Weird Mystery #15, Jan 1974 - Dec 1975, Cover by Luis Dominguez

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