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The Washington Monument

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Ronald Reagen Building
[above] The Reagen building on the night of Dec 22, 2006 on Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street in Washington DC. It's more spacious inside than many Federal office buildings, many of which are honeycombed like rabbit warrens, built in an era when tight distribution of taxpayer money was more of a virtue.

Old Executive Building
[above] They call this the "Old Executive Office Building." it was originally built in the 1870s, but has been slowly gutted and rebuilt from the inside since the 1950s. It's on the right hand side from the White House, and at one time housed the War Department, - - all of which now is across the Potomac river at the Pentagon. The building now contains the offices of the Vice-President. I was in this building in the 1980s (when I was a messenger) and there was a very large tunnel underneath guarded by Marines (and I presume, Secret Service). The tunnel took a visitor to the basement level of the White House - - I suppose the whole thing has been remodeled since those days, though, as back then I was able to walk right in and drop off my packages without being stopped. The building reminds me of German architecture. For that matter, so does the much more modern Reagan building that I posted above.

Hill Building
[above, from 2006] Washington DC of the present: they're gutting and rebuilding right-and-left in DC where real estate has become so lucrative. The building in the photo above (on the right) used to have a little international art gallery on the ground level corner. They're now tearing the building down to nothing. I also used to rent a parking place in the basement, it ran about $200.00 a month in the 1980s. The lot has since closed, probably because it's a security risk since it faces the White House across Lafayette Park. On the left of the building in question is the Hill Building.

[Below, from 2006] Another photo from Washington DC - the gate to Chinatown. This area used to be a peep-show/x-rated theater/pawnshop area in the 1970s and 80s. The change has been pretty dramatic compared to those days.
Washington DC Chinatown

Below from 2006: The Pharoanic Egyptian Washington Monument. I don't know if George Washington had much feeling for things Egyptian, but that's how people in government after he passed on decided he should be honored. The orignal architect for the monument had a more elaborate plan, but was replaced by men with more straight-forward ideas. Upon seeing the revised monument, the original architect said "it looks like an asparagus."
Washington Monument

Suntrust Bank DC
[Above, from February 2007] The Suntrust Bank off Dupont Circle in Washington DC: The white patches are snow.

Dupont Circle
[Above] Dupont Circle in Washington DC during the summer.

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