Trinity issue 1 Francis Manpul cover

Trinity Rebirth #1

2016 Series

Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne and Wild Boar - Trinity 1

Trinity #1 - Rebirth series, DC Comics, November 2016

Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince go to a dinner party at the home of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Lois and Clark are from another world, a fact revealed on page 15 when Wayne says:

"Imagine my surprise when I found out you and your family existed. A Superman from another world. A real American alien. You look just like him, but I don't know who you are."

This story is meant to tie together other DC Comics series, apparently, though I do not know which series, since the story ("Better Together Part One Family Dinner") doesn't reveal much in the way of facts, but has an abundance of emoting by the characters, however, because of the threadbare plot, the emoting lacks context.

Nicely done artwork is featured throughout the tale with watercolor effects in the coloring, however, the background areas are often vague and undeveloped (at least they are there, many modern comic book artists avoid backgrounds altogether, leaving the main characters suspended in empty space like helium balloons).

Since this is numbered as issue one, I would have thought the writer (Francis Manapul) would have set the table with enough information to know what's going on and what is at stake (even if it is nothing at stake but the dead boar Diana Prince deposits on the porch of the farm house. Later Lois and Diana sit on the porch, presumably with the carcass of the Boar nearby, and drink wine and open up about their feelings. This is sort of hilarious - because of the enormous dead boar - but not intentionally).

Wayne here is a grumpy, angry fellow who complains too much - - where's the suave, jaded billionaire Bruce Wayne? Lois Lane and Diana are presented as something like adults who are trying to work out something about how everyone is going to get along together (why? The story assumes the reader knows and views the situation a certain way, yet provides none of the background needed to do so.)

The young kid, Jon, almost kills Wayne with an accidental burst of X-ray vision, but everyone brushes this aside rather quickly, underscoring how much of a non-threat superhuman powers are in this telling, and how there are no real consequences, which makes the sense of risk seem moot.

The cover, though nicely rendered, is from the school of heroically standing and doing nothing, which benefits the story not a bit, which contains no heroic standing.

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