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Tony DeZuniga

November 8, 1932 – May 11, 2012

DeZuniga co-created the Jonah Hex and Black Orchid. DeZuniga was the first Filipino comic book artist whose work was accepted by American publishers, paving the way for many other Filipino artists to break into the international comic book industry.[4][5][6]

Tony De Zuniga - Red Sonja

Tony DeZuniga - Red Sonja

Jonah Hex #56

Jonah Hex #56 Cover

Jonah Hex #56, Tony DeZuniga art

House of Mystery 206 - cover Tony DeZuniga

House of Mystery #206, Sept 1972

More House of Mystery

Tony DeZuniga in hospital for a mild heart stroke

April 2010: DeZuniga's Facebook account had the announcement today (Sept 29, 2010). DeZuniga drew a lot of DC Comics over his long career, particularly Jonah Hex, a character he recently worked on again for a special book from DC Comics.

DeZuniga was at the Club Batman 20th Anniversary Expo in Malaga, Spain, and was apparently traveling home to California when the stroke happened. (Club Batman Facebook Page). here's a screenshot from the Club Batman Facebook photo page showing Tony DeZuniga autographing at the expo.

Tony DeZuniga

Captain Dracula - Tony DeZuniga art

Captain Dracula

More Dracula

Tony DeZuniga cover - 1971

All Star Western 6 Cover

All-Star Western #6, June-July 1971, DC Comics

Wonder Woman and Batman

Batman and Wonder Woman
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