Ken Anderson was the art director and one of (the very many) script writers on Disney's 1977 animated The Rescuers. This is an unusually dark (in places) film for Disney, with a sense of melancholy and loss that would be out of place in the corporate Disney films since.

Below are a few of the Anderson preliminary sketches for the Medusa character who was voiced by Geraldine Page. (The character was created by animator Milt Kahl, who did the final version of the character which appears in the film. The story often told about Kahl is that he ended up doing most of the animation work with this character in the film because no one else was able to keep the quality consistent).

You can see quite an evolution in the character design from Ken Anderson's sketches:

Ken Anderson Disney Animation

Ken Anderson Disney Rescuers

Disney Animation Ken Anderson The Rescuers

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