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Stan Lee has said that the creation of Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman was out of the urgency to secure the copyright on an obvious name-combination that was at risk of being produced first by a company other than Marvel Comics (which had/has such a major stake in the Spider-Man character.)


Spider-Woman - art by Jeff Dekal

Spider-Woman - art by Jeff Dekal - online web site

Frank Cho art - Spider-Woman

Frank Cho art - Spider-Woman

More Frank Cho


Spider-Woman Art by Dave Seguin

Art by Dave Seguin

Spider-Woman #1

Spider-Woman #1 2015

Art by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez

Spider-Woman 3

Spider-Woman 3 Cover

Fujitake - Spider-Woman

Dennis Fujitake artwork, Comics Journal back cover #39

Spider-Woman 1

Spider-Woman Cover art 1


Spider-Woman #17 Variant art - by Javier Rodriguez

Avengers #13

Avengers 13 Mike Deodato - Spiderman and Spider-woman

Art Mike Deodato - Spiderman and Spider-woman


Spider-woman issue 1 page

Spider-Woman #7

Spider-Woman #7 Art by Carmine Infantino

Spider-Woman #7, Oct 1978, Art by Carmine Infantino. Inks by Steve Leialoha

Javier Rodriguez Cover for Spider-Woman #6

Spider-Woman issue 6 Cover - Javier Rodriguez

Greg Land Cover Art

Greg Land Cover Art Spider-Woman Cover #3


Spider-Woman #4

Spider-Woman 4 Cover artwork

Greg Land Artwork


Spider-Woman - New Avengers 50

New Avengers #50

Spider-Woman #4

Spider-Woman #4

Jim Cheung - Spiderwoman

Jim Cheung Spiderwoman

From Secret Invasion - Avengers #40 - 2008

Spider-Woman - Dima Ivanov

Dima Ivanov Spider-woman

Spider-Woman #5

Spiderwoman 5 Cover art variant

Spider-Woman and Black Widow

Spider-Woman and Black Widow

Spider-Woman #8 Cover

Spider-Woman 8 Cover

Art by Javier Rodriguez

New Avengers Color Frank Cho

More Frank Cho art Spider-Woman


Spider-Woman - Jessica DrewSpider-Woman - Jessica DrewSpider-Woman - Jessica DrewSpider-Woman - Jessica Drew

David Finch Spiderwoman

Carmine Infantino cover - Spider-Woman 8

SPider-Woman 8 Copver

Spider-Woman #8, Cover by Carmine Infantino - Nov 1978

More Carmine Infantino

Last Days of Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman 10
Original Page April 2015 | Updated May 2017
Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman