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Spider Man Paternity

Brief History of the 'Web Slinger'

The original Marvel Comics Spider-Man was drawn by Jack Kirby, a five-page preliminary piece that Stan Lee decided was "too heroic" and the project was then shifted to Steve Ditko, who produced the art with Stan Lee writing (for more on Ditko and Kirby's genesis on the project, go to the Spider-Man page).

The then owner of Marvel, Martin Goodman, didn't like the approach of a skinny teenage kid with various problems being the title hero, but he let Stan Lee run the Ditko-Lee origin in Amazing Fantasy #15 - and the rest is, as they say, history.

The history books say the beginning of Spider-Man (or that is, a character like him) began with the Joe Simon "Spiderman" which appeared in 1959 in The Adventures of the Fly for Harvey Comics, in which this Spiderman was drastically different and other than the use of the "spider" in the name there wasn't any particular connecting thread to what was to become Marvel's best-selling character.

1962 Kirby introduces Spider-Man

Jack Kirby Spider-Man 1962 first appearance

Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug 1962, Jack Kirby Spider-Man

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Spider Man Paternity

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