Batman 107 - Sheldon Moldoff 1957

Sheldon Moldoff

April 14, 1920 – February 29, 2012

Moldoff worked in comic books from the infancy of the industry, his first work appearing at the age of 18, doing Hawkman for M. C. Gaines. He had a long career, and is now linked heavily to Batman, a chgaracter he drew as a "ghost" for Bob Kane for 14 years, completely without credit or public acknowledgement. Moldoff was co-creator of such characters as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, the second Clayface, Bat-Mite, the original Bat-Girl, Batwoman, and Ace the Bat-Hound.

Original Bat-Woman and Bat-Girl - Batman #141

Batman 141 - heldon Moldoff

Batman #141 cover art by Sheldon Moldoff, August 1961. See enlarged.

Zebra Suit Batman - Detective Comics #275

Detective Comics 275 - Art by Sheldon Moldoff

January 1957 Moldoff Batman Cover

Detective Comics 239 - Sheldon Maldoff - Bat Robot

Enlarge cover - Detective Comics #239, 1961

Sheldon Moldoff - Detective Comics Bat-Mite

Detective Comics 289 cover by Sheldon Moldoff

Cover art of Bat-Mite by Sheldon Moldoff - see cover enlarged.

Batman #142 - September 1961

Sheldon Moldoff Batman 142

Sheldon Moldoff

Sheldon Moldoff

Moon Girl #6, March-April 1949, Sheldon Moldoff art

Batman #139, April 1961 issue, Sheldon Moldoff Bat-Girl cover

Batman #141, Aug 1961, Sheldon Moldoff Batwoman Cover

Batman #141, Aug 1961, Sheldon Moldoff Batwoman Cover

Detective Comics #239, Jan 1957, Sheldon Moldoff cover

Detective Comics #241, March 1957, Rainbow Batman - Shelly Moldoff art

Detective Comics #242, April 1957, Batcave Hideout by Moldoff

Detective Comics #243, May 1957, Giant Batman with Siren

Detective Comics #244, May 1957, Batarang X - Moldoff art

Detective Comics #289, March 1961, Sheldon Moldoff Bat-Mite Cover

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