Savage Wolverine #5

Frank Cho issue 5 of Savage Wolverine has Hulk on hand to be confronted by Shanna and Wolverine, and contretemps follow.

Frank Cho Savage Wolverine 5 with Shanna the She Devil

Savage Wolverine #5, July 2013, Marvel Comics

Frank Cho SavageWolverine 5

Frank Cho's series features his artwork, of course, but also on hand is his light-hearted adventure story-writing. The expected hero-combat occurs, but is often a set-up for one-liners or actual slapstick comedy (Hulk flying through the air, catching on fire, and getting grabbed by a whale before landing.) Instead of the heavy-handed sturm-und-drang of many superhero books, Cho's tale seems to have one foot in classic action movies and the other in classic Marvel Comics bravura writing, both of which are about not taking the violence and threats of death too seriously.

Also unique in this series is the actual placement of Cho (as the character 'Amadeus') inside the story, rendering commentary (sometimes insulting) and saving the characters from time to time (reminds me of Brave and the Bold #124 in which artist Jim Aparo and writer Bob Haney are 'inside' the story and are called upon to save Batman, who is otherwise doomed. Artist Aparo is caputured by terrorists and must escape and contact writer Bob Haney in order to coordinate a script that thwarts the evildoers and keeps Sgt Rock from being made to gun down Batman.)

Cho excels at drawing the human physique, and on view are the muscles of Shanna the She-Devil, Wolverine and Hulk. Colors are by Json Keith.


In the story, there is some silly friction between Wolverine and Shanna in which both characters, used to taking charge in tense situations, (of which this series is loaded) are thus frequently butting-heads over who should be bringing the fight against whatever threat is before them (of which there is plenty).

Frank Cho Savage Wolverine 5

Cover and pages from Savage Wolverine #5

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Savage Wolverine Issue 5 Frank Cho Cover Savage Wolverine Issue 5 Frank Cho Shanna the She Devil in flight Savage Wolverine Issue 5 Hulk, Shanna and Wolverine confronting one another

Savage Wolverine Issue 5 - Hulk takes a Wolverine claw to the brainSavage Wolverine Issue 5 - Hulk on fire, eaten by whale

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