Review: Batman #41 - Poison Ivy

Cover art - Poison Ivy in Batman #41 - Art by Mikel Janin

Batman #41, April 2018, DC Comics

Art by Mikel Janin and story by Tom King

New trouble with Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy who is channeling herself through various personages and tormenting Bruce Wayne (and Selina Kyle) as the green madwoman seizes control of the world. The result is that when Batman attempts to slug Alfred in the jaw (since Isley is using his body to inform Bruce that she's taken over the world, and also to, presumably, spy on him) the Flash appears suddenly to take Batman's blow and promptly gets knocked out. How to defeat Poison Ivy when everyone they know (if not the whole world) is now robotically enlisted into service as her personal bodyguard?

Janin's art is inventive and there are a couple of detail intensive double-spread pages that are fascinating to look at. Tom King's writing doesn't carry the story very far, and some of the dialogue simply jerks back and forth in half-sentences that doesn't help make the matter very clear, and in those cases Janin's art bogs down into old-fashioned grid-paneled pages. The overlapping dialogue would have worked better if the word balloons had overlapped one another in fewer panels.

June Chung provides the coloring and does a lot of nice work in making Poison Ivy's power of raising "green hell" look forbidding and dangerous.

Batman 41 - Poison Ivy spread by Mikel Janin

Mikel Janin art - Poison Ivy

AMAZON: Batman #41 - "Everyone Loves Ivy" Part One - April 2018

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