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Brief Review: Corben and Strnad's Ragemoor is visually related to Corben's work on House on the Borderland, both stories featuring desolate locations with enormous houses right out of an American International Pictures 1960s horror film. Strnad's story is related the same way, with a cast of characters concerned with family secrets and the menace of lurking creatures.

Revelstroke's adaptation of the Hodgson story for Borderland made that 2000 book a complex tale that operated on multiple-levels of time that fulfilled on the "novel" part of the term 'graphic novel,' but Strnad's story in Ragemoor is really a simple short story expanded, Corben throws in a lot of humor, and the result is a slightly goofy horror story that starts at point "A" (spooky old house with old secrets) and ends at point "B" (the spooky house is deathless).

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