Phantom Lady

One of the original female superheroes from the golden age of comics books.

Matt Baker Cover Art, 1948

Phantom Lady 18 Cover Matt Baker

Phantom Lady #18, April 1948

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Phantom Lady by Amanda Conner

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady - Freedom Fighters

From DC Comics' Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters - Daniel Acuna art

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Cat Staggs page art from Phantom Lady #3

Cat Staggs Page Phantom Lady issue 3

Art by Cat Staggs for DC Comics' Phantom Lady issue 3. See the page enlarged.

Phantom Lady Page, Issue 2, by Cat Staggs

Daniel Acuna - Uncle Sam #2

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #2

Cover art by Daniel Acuna for the second issue of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. See enlarged.

Uncle Sam page by Acuna A Uncle Sam page by Acuna B

Phantom Lady from Freedom Fighters #2, 2006

Phantom Lady by Daniel Acuna

From Freedom Fighters #2, 2006, Daniel Acuna Artwork

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman