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Mister Miracle

Scott Free is an immortal being from the planet Apokolips who works as a master of illusion when not being a DC Comics superhero.The characters longest lasting run was 28 issues from January 1989 - June 1991.

The character has a particular appeal to writers and has beens scripted by many (and any title originated by Kirby will draw comic book artists to it). Grant Morrison replaced Scott Free with Shiloh Norman during Mister Miracles appearance during the Seven Soldiers of Vicotry series.

Mister Miracles partner is Big Barda.

Mister Miracle Number 1

Kirby's initial concept for Mister Miracle was to launch the series and shortly thereafter turn it over to Steve Ditko. But then DC Comics publisher Carmine Infantino veto'd that plan. So Kirby (along with co-plotter Mark Evanier) kept the title going for 18 issues (last issue March 1974), which was the longest running of any of Kirby's "Fourth World" series at DC Comics. Big Barda, Mister Miracles partner, was based upon Kirby's wife Roz and on the singer/actress Lainie Kazan.

Many other artists and writers have worked on Mister Miracle over the decades, for example Marshal Rogers and Steve Englehart and Jim Aparo at Brave and the Bold.

2017 Mister Miracle Trade Collection

Mister Miracle - Jack Kirby Colection

Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle - 2017 New Edition 448 Pages - Amazon

Original Cover Mister Miracle #6

Mister Miracle 14 Cover

Mister Miracle #14 - 1973 w/Big Barda

Mister Miracle 14 - Cover art - Jack Kirby Mister Miracle 14 - Cover art - Jack KirbyMister Miracle 14 - Cover art - Jack KirbyMister Miracle 14 - Cover art - Jack Kirby

Mister Miracle Spread Issue 14 - Kirby Artwork

Mist er Miracle 20

Mister Miracle #17 Jan 1974

Heroes can make fatal mistakes! Especially, when they check in at a Murder Lodge!

Mister Miracle 17 - Jack Kirby Cover

More Mister Miracle #17

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle

Big Barda

Mister Miracle #9, June-July 1973, Jack Kirby

Mister Miracle #14, June-July 1973, Jack Kirby

Mister Miracle #17, Jan 1974, Jack Kirby

Mister Miracle #20, Oct 1977, Marshall Rogers Cover

Mister Miracle #20, Oct 1977, Marshall Rogers art on the moon

Mister Miracle #20, Oct 1977, Marshall Rogers art: Big Barda

Mister Miracle #25, March 1991, Joe Phillips Big Barda Cover

Mister Miracle Issue 2

Just a few questions on his road to sudden death!

Mister Miracle issue 2 Kirby Cover

Mister Miracle career at DC Comics

Mister Miracle 1971 25 issues April 1971 - September 1978
Mister Miracle 1989 28 issues January 1989 - June 1991
Mister Miracle 1990 8 issues (Spanish language version) October 1990 - April 1991
Mister Miracle 1996 7 issues April 1996 - October 1996
Mister Miracle Special 1987 1 issue

Mister Miracle - Jack Kirby

Mister Miracle vs GrannyYou mean old HagMister Miracle I'm being crushed

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