Adam West and Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman and Batman - art by Mike Allred Mike Allred Art - Wonder Woman David Bowie - Miker Allred Art  - Rock and Roll 1960s Mike Allred artwork Cover FF number 1 Medusa - Antman and She-Hulk Mike Allred art  - Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter and Adam West  - Batman

Mike Allred

Allred specializes in a simplified, highly stylized super hero artistry that combines Jack Kirby and humor into something unique and easily recognizable.

There is an official Mike Allred web site here.

Mike Allred - Batwoman

Mike Allred Batwoman art

Art by Mike Allred

Mike Allred Artwork - Wonder Woman and Batman

Art by Mike Allred

Mike Allred - Wonder Woman

Mike Allred Wonder Woman

Mike Allred cover art. More Mike Allred.

Batman '66 #17 - Mike Allred Art

Mike Allred Batman 17 1966

Mike Allred cover - FF #6

Mike Allred cover The Thing - FF 6

Wonder Woman 51  - Mike Allred
FF 5 She Hulk
Mike Allred Batman

Mike Allred - the DC Heroes

Detail image DC Comics heroes by Mike Allred

The DC Comics' pantheon (with a few exceptions, to say the least) are spread out in this wave of moving superheroes from Mike Allred's Solo #7, 2007.

Spread of DC Comic heroes

Element Girl & Metamorpho

Mike Allred - Element Girl - Metamorpho

From the July 29, 2009 issue of Wednesday Comics. Story by Neil Gaiman and art by Mike Allred.

Mike Allred - Metamorpho Wednesday Comics Page

Mike Allred Wonder Woman rock and roll

Mike Allred Varient Cover Superman and Wonder Woman

Mike Allred Varient Green Lantern and Batman Cover

Mike Allred Varient Cover bottle city of Kandor with Superman

Mike Allred Varient Aquaman Cover

Mike Allred Varient Cover - mank=y kinds of  Flash

Hourman by Mike Allred

Brief discussion about each page, click to view the enlargements.

Mike Allred Batman '66 #15

Mike Allred Cover art Batman 66 issue 15

Detective Comics 31 cover - Mike Allred

Detective Comics cover Catwoman by Mike Allred issue 31

Mike Allred

Mike Allred

FF #6, Nov 2013, Mike Allred Thing cover

FF #10, 2013, Mike Allred Ant-Man cover

Solo#7 Mike Allred Comic Book

Marvel Point One #1, March 2014, Mike Allred Art Silver Surfer

Batman '66 #4, Dec 2013, Mike Allred Mad Hatter Cover

Batman '66 #5, Jan 2014, Batman and Batgirl cover

Batman Black & White #4, Feb 2014, Mike Allred Splash Page

Batman Black & White #4, Feb 2014, Mike Allred Crash Page

FF #3, March 2013, Mike Allred Medusa

FF #5, May 2013, Mike Allred Page with Medusa

FF #5, May 2013, Cover artwork of Medusa

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Wonder Girl & Teen Titans

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Hourman

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Bizarro

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Batman

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Batcave Art

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Batman

Solo #7, 2005, DC Comics Heroes poster spread


FF #12 - Scott Harris Lang you're a jerk

FF #11 - Mike Allred art - Lipstick sequence

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