Medusa Splash Page Art - John Romita - Amazing Spider-Man 62 - 1968Inhumans Thor MedusaMedusa art by Ryan Stegman


Medusa is a member of the Inhumans but predates them, having appeared in Fantastic Four #36, (March 1965) with the Inhumans appeared for the first time in Fantastic Four #45 (December 1965).


John Romita Sr Cover art Spider-Man 62 - Medusa

Art by John Romita Sr, July 1968

Black Bolt and Medusa

Medusa and BLack Bolt - art by Joe Madureira

Art by Joe Madureira

Medusa of the Inhumans

Russell Dauterman - Medusa of the Inhumans

Art by Russell Dauterman

Medusa and the Thing

Medusa and the Inhumans - The Thing

The Inhumans

Mike Allred, Fantastic Four Medusa

Mike Allred FF #3

Mike Allred art from FF #3, March 2013. See the page larger.

More Mike Allred

More Fantastic Four



Art by David Marquez


Medusa Inhumans 14 Art

From Inhumans #14

Mike Allred Cover, FF #5

Mike Allred Cover artwork FF 3 - Medusa and She Hulk

Medusa - Mike Allred

Fantastic Fuur Medusa

See the full page - Mike Allred art - Fantastic Four



Medusa in Action - Marvel Comics

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