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Marvel criticism spreads from Ardian Syaf debacle

April 14, 2017: Marvel Comics' is taking it in the teeth and kneecaps right now. Some articles from around the internet - More Ardian Syaf

Star-Lord will appear in Avengers: Infinity War

April 2016: Chris Pratt has been confirmed around the internet to be making an appearance in the May 3, 2018 Avengers Infinity War film coming from Marvel Entertainment.

Marvel's Infinity War set to bring together the entire Marvel Universe

Jan 9, 2015: Article at Inquisitr

"Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are at New Orleans Wizard World this weekend and spoke with Comicbook about this new revelation. Now, they never quite jumped the gun and said that the Guardians and Doctor Strange, and others were confirmed or not for Avengers: Infinity War, but their hint may give the answer anyway.

“We will say this: People will not be disappointed in the amount of characters in the movie. The concept of Infinity War is that the Marvel universe unites to battle the greatest threat to the world and universe that you’ve ever seen, and we’re going to honor that concept.”

The way “Marvel universe” is dropped in casual conversation like that, it makes one think that there could be a huge cast of characters in the two part Infinity War. You may not realize it, but when you sit back and think about it, that could be huge."

Asia Pop Comic Con signs deal with Marvel

Oct 2015: Article discussing the development of the "world-wide comics craze" in the Middle Eastern market

"Mohammed Khammas: The young Emirati businessman who has signed a lucrative deal with Marvel to tap into the global comic craze

In a couple of months’ time, Abu Dhabi will host its own version of Comic Con.

Asia Pop Comic Con — Abu Dhabi, to give it its proper title, will be a three-day festival of popmania — anything that’s cinematic, or related to pop culture, licensing, and movie screening, comic books and cosplays.

Hosted by Universal Events, a subsidiary of Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG), it’s the type of large-scale event that could help to fill the void in the city’s annual calendar vacated by the film festival.

...“We have a tie-up with Marvel now where we will be developing across all of their movies and comic books, on a whole range of products. That was our first formal launch with Marvel, but we have more to come in the next few months,” he adds.

Khammas, still a couple of years shy of his 40th birthday, has been the driving force behind the group, which now has 30 diversified companies, spread across 20 countries, employing 9,000 people. Growth and diversification are bywords that describe how the group has grown under his leadership."

Full artricle at ArabianBusiness

Sony teaming with Marvel

Spider Man Sony and Marvel

Feb 2015: Marvel and Sony have worked out the kinks in their relationship and are planning a way to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel/Disney films, and to bring over some Marvel talent to help Sony to produce the next Spider-Man film (set for a 2017 release).

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut - Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott

By Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott

Disney - Marvel Insider Trading Case

July 2014:

"Scammell used the information that he learned from his girlfriend to acquire 659 call options to purchase Marvel stock for $5,465. He bought more than half of the options in his brother’s account. Scammell did not tell his girlfriend or his brother about the purchases of the Marvel call options. Marvel’s stock rose about +25% after the deal with Disney was announced on August 31, 2009, at which point Scammell immediately sold his options, realizing $192,000+ in profits."

Nikki Finke

Marvel in trouble in Russia?

July 18, 2014:

Businessweek article: Marvel accused of inciting ' Violence and cruelty'

"Russia’s media watchdog agency is investigating whether a forthcoming Russian-language version of the Avengers comic book series makes improper use of Soviet symbols and promotes “violence and cruelty,” according to a report this week in Izvestia. The newspaper said it obtained an advance copy of the series, set for release in August, that showed the Avengers battling foes wearing hammer-and-sickle insignia and describing themselves as Russian soldiers.

Izvestia quotes a spokesman for the watchdog agency as saying the investigation was requested by Rospechat, another government agency that oversees print media and mass communications. In its request, Rospechat described the Avengers series as targeting “middle-school aged children” and criticized its use of “Soviet symbols, the presentation of characters as Russian servicemen, and using propaganda to incite violence and cruelty,” the newspaper said."

June 23, 2014

Even with only minimal support from Marvel itself (no toy tie-ins, no special promotions) X-Men Days of Future Past keeps pounding along, pushing past DC's Man of Steel to now reside in the position of #11 highest-earning superhero film of all time.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man 2 and Captain America 2 are petering out, particularly Captain America 2 which is now only adding a few hundred thousand per week to its $710 million world totals (making it #9 in the highest earning superhero sweepstakes.) With 80 days of release behind it, Steve Rogers is getting near the end of the line, but it is still 3 months until the film will break out into DVD / Bluray release (coming Sept 9, 2014).

There were predictions that Amazing Spider-Man 2 would stall out in the $600 million range, but here it is, #10 on the all-time list and still able to pull $1.5 million last week, with a total cume now of $702 million. With only 52 days in release, it still has a way to go before ending its run, but there doesn't appear to be any chance it will eclipse the first Amazing Spider-Man $752 million grand total earned in 2012.

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