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Mad Magazine

Originally published in comic book format by EC Comics, it converted to a magazine format to escape the strigent comic book censorship rules of the mid-50s following the Kefauver congressional hearings that dramatically changed the comic book industry.

Harvey Kurtzman Mad #1

Kurtzman Mad Magazine issue 1

Woman Wonder!

Woman Wonder! from Mad #10, April 1954 - Art by Will Elder 1

Woman Wonder! from Mad #10, April 1954

Art by Will Elder

Mad Vs Batman

Mad Magazine Batman

Jack Davis art - 1956 Mad Magazine #28

Jack Davis art Mad Magazine 28 -from 1956

Bill Elder 1953 - Mad Magazine

Bill Elder Mad Magazine #5 Cover Bill Elder

See enlarged cover Mad Magazine #5, 1953, Bill Elder Cover

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Cover Mad Magazine Superman III

April Fools Mad Magazine DC Comics Covers

Mad Magazine Wonder Woman Superman

Tom Bunk art in a Mad Magazine mode for the cover of Superman - Wonder Woman #7.

Spock Lenoard Nimoy Mad Magazine

Harvey Kurtzman, Mad covers

Mad Comics 7 - Cover Kurtzman

More Harvey Kurtzman

Mad Cover issue 4 - Kurtzman

Archie - Starchie - Jughead and Betty

Archie - Starchie - Jughead and Betty

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Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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