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Lee Meriwether - Catwoman

Actress Lee Meriwether is a serial beauty contest winner (Miss San Francisco, Miss California, and Miss America 1955). She also has Golden Globe Award nominations for Best TV Actress in a Drama for 1975 and 1976, and a nomination for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 1977.

She was cast as Catwoman for the 1966 Batman after original Catwoman Julie Newmar (from the first season of the TV Series) was unavailable.

Meriwether was also "Betty" in the long-running TV series Barnaby Jones. She also appeared as Lily on the Munsters Today, and had roles in Time Tunnel, The New Andy Griffith Show, Mission Impossible, Star Trek and a variety of other well-known programs, including part of the cast for the original version of "The Today Show." Meriwether also has appeared in numerous theater plays.

Lee was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco.

Lee Meriwether Catwoman 1966

Below: Lee Meriether from the Time Tunnel Television Show 1966-1967.

Lee Meriwether from Time Tunnel TV Show

Below: Lee Meriether with James Darren and Robert Colbert from Time Tunnel Television Show 1966-1967.

Time Tunnel Lee Meriwether

Catwoman 1966

Lee Meriwether - Catwoman 1966


1966 Lee Meriwether in Catwoman outfit during the making of the 1966 Batman film with Adam West and Burt Ward. Image stills are from an interview with Meriwether online at youtube.

Lee Meriwether has an official web site here.

Lee Meriwether as Catwoman 1966

Photo - 2 Lee Meriwether as Catwoman 1966

Photo - 3 Lee Meriwether as Catwoman 1966

Photo - 4 Lee Meriwether as Catwoman 1966

Photo - 5 Lee Meriwether as Catwoman 1966

Photo - 6 Lee Meriwether as Catwoman 1966

The Batman Villains from the 1966 Film

Batman TV Movie Villains Catwoman lee Meriwether

Promo image of Lee Meriwether for the 1966 Batman feature film

Lee Meriwether Catwoman 1966

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Large Lee Meriwether as Catwoman for the 1966 Feature Film

Star Trek Lee Meriwether

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Julie Newmar Catwoman - Large

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Large Yvonne Craig Batgirl on Batcycle

Lee Meriwether - Catwoman

Large Lee Meriwether Catwoman

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