Mark Bagley Trinity 37

Mark Bagley page from Trinity #37

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight it out (or as they're called in the series "Kellel, Dinanna, and Atmahn." )

DC Comics March 2009 cover date

Issue #37 of Trinity has the bane of DC Comics epic story arcs: lots of filler and pages with but a few panels, and the panels that are there often repeat information and elements already used. Bagley tries to hold it all together.

The colors for the page from Trinity #37 is by Pete Pantazis.

See another page from Trinity #37 by Scott McDaniel here.

Review of Trinity #37 here.

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Trinity #13 page by Faucher and Derenick

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Mark Bagley page from Trinity #37 (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight)

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Scott McDaniel Joker Page from Trinity #37 ("Hard and shiny is so brutalist, isn't it?")

Mark Bagley art from Trinity #37 (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lament all the bloody business)

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Review of issue #37 of Trinity (Titled "Make it more wooden!")

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