Tales of Suspense 39 Iron Man from 1963 - Kirby Art

Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963

Iron Man original Appearance - Jack Kirby

Art from Kirby and Don Heck together for the original appearance of Iron Man. Stan Lee's original concept of trying to deconstruct a 'capitalist' businessman into a (Marvel style) hero was co-parented by Jack Kirby and Don Heck who seem to have utilized ideas of armor-plated knights, Dumas' 'Man in the Iron Mask' and the very military idea of strong defensive armored plating.

Iron Man Movies

Iron Man 1 - original 2008 Film

Iron Man 2 - with Whiplash and Black Widow

Iron Man 3 - Directed by Shane Black

Iron Man 4 - speculated fourth sequel

Iron Man Suit

History of the Iron Man Armored Suits

Iron Man Comics

Iron Man - Ol' Shellhead Marvel Comics Hero

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Movie

Iron Man 3 Poster - Theater Debut Poster

Iron Man 3 Poster - Downey Out of the Water Poster

Iron Man 3 Poster - Helmet Poster

Iron Man 3 Poster - Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin

Iron Man 3 Poster - Gwyneth Paltrow / Pepper Potts

Iron Man 3 Poster - Mayday Poster

Iron Man 3 Image - Star Spangled Flag Suit

Iron Man 3 - Extreme Tech figure

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