Patrick Gleason Batman nad Robin Comic Book

Well, I'm not putting on a monkey suit

Batman & Robin #20, April 2011, DC Comics

Patrick Gleason art

Gleason creates a Gotham City with an abyss of ink in the alleyways, threatening the citizenry.

Story-line complaints:

The story line itself (script by Peter Tomasi) has all the excesses and banality of "Batman Family" comics and follows in the well-worn ruts of that genre, which has popped in and out of fashion in the offices of DC Comics since the 1950s. The diluting power of this approach is that it reduces the superhero concept (at least as embodied by Batman-type vigilantes) from calling and/or obsession into something like a middle-class job, though with costuming.

Mick Gray inks, Alex Sinclair coloring

Patrick Gleason

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