Solo #7 Wonder Girl art by Mike Allred

Mike Allred Cover to Solo #7

Solo #7, 2005, DC Comics

The Teen Titan "Wonder Girl" cover to the all-Mike Allred issue of Solo #7. Inside the issue are other cover versions: Hourman and Mister Miracle, all doing the "Batdance" from the Batman TV show.

Mike Allred

Mike Allred

FF #6, Nov 2013, Mike Allred Thing cover

FF #10, 2013, Mike Allred Ant-Man cover

Solo#7 Mike Allred Comic Book

Marvel Point One #1, March 2014, Mike Allred Art Silver Surfer

Batman '66 #4, Dec 2013, Mike Allred Mad Hatter Cover

Batman '66 #5, Jan 2014, Batman and Batgirl cover

Batman Black & White #4, Feb 2014, Mike Allred Splash Page

Batman Black & White #4, Feb 2014, Mike Allred Crash Page

FF #3, March 2013, Mike Allred Medusa

FF #5, May 2013, Mike Allred Page with Medusa

FF #5, May 2013, Cover artwork of Medusa

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Wonder Girl & Teen Titans

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Hourman

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Bizarro

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Batman

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Batcave Art

Solo #7, 2005, Mike Allred Batman

Solo #7, 2005, DC Comics Heroes poster spread


FF #12 - Scott Harris Lang you're a jerk

FF #11 - Mike Allred art - Lipstick sequence

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