Harvey Kurtzman cover - Mad #1

Mad #1, Oct-Nov 1952, EC Comics

Kurtzman's style and editorial direction started Mad off as a continuation of things Kurtzman had already been doing (like Hey Look) but the humor is sharpened up and blended with other creators, especially Al Feldstein and publisher William Gaines. Mad built up such a momentum that when the revolution in comic books happened in the 1950s in the wake of Wertham's attack on the medium (i.e., the Comics Code Authority) that even though the altered situation meant the death knell for EC Comics main books (like ShockSuspenstories), Mad simply modulated into a regular magazine format and kept right on growing. Gaines has said that the first 3 issues of Mad lost money, but with "Superduperman" in Issue 4, Mad started rolling.

Mad issue 1 Kurtzman

EC Comics

EC Comics

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