Mike Kaluta advertisment for The Prince: Conan the King #20

January 1980, Marvel Comics

There is a color version of this advertisment which features a lot more visual information: a castle setting and other figures, on a large 31 inch poster. The slogan tag is an obvious reference to the hugely popular original Alien movie.

King Conan Kaluta Advertisment


Mike Kaluta

Dark Horse Presents #34, March 2014, Cover art Mike Kaluta

Secrets of Sinister House #7, Oct-Nov 1972, Kaluta 'Dragon' cover

Detective Comics #426, Kaluta Cover August 1972 Published by DC Comics

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Batman #253, Nov 1973, Kaluta 'Shadow' Cover

House of Mystery Cover #233, July 1975, Kaluta Cover

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King Conan #20, Marvel Comics 1980, Kaluta B&W Advertisement

Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian

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Savage Tales #2, 1973, Barry Smith Cimmeria Page Art

Conan the Barbarian #20, Nov 1972, Barry Smith cover

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Kaluta black and white advertisement for King Conan #20, Marvel Comics 1980

Conan The Buccaneer (aka 'the Destroyer') sells for $1.5 million USD

Conan The Conqueror (aka 'Berserker') sells for $1.0 million USD

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