Don Simpson portrait of Jim Shooter

The Comics Journal issue 115, 1987, Fantagraphics

This dynamic (but unflattering) image of the former Marvel Comics leader also features a bevy of characters from around comic books and newspaper strips.
Jim Shooter Cover Comics Journal


Further Adventures of Marvel Comics International

Bill Sienkiewicz page from issue Elektra Assassin issue 5

The Comics Journal

Comics Journal #49, July 1979, Death of the Superheroes - Fujitake

Comics Journal #67, Oct 1981, Harvey Kurtzman Air Burst Cover

Comics Journal #110, Aug 1986, Steve Rude Nexus Cover

Comics Journal #115, 1987, Jim Shooter cover - Don Simpson art

Comics Journal #122, June 1988, Bolland John Bull/Uncle Sam Cover

Comics Journal #153, Oct 1992, Jack Davis portrait cover of Harvey Kurtzman

Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

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