Jack Kirby - Giant-Size Conan #5 Cover

1975 Marvel Comics

When you look at this Kirby cover, which is clogged with human cannon-fodder for Conan and Elric to slaughter, you realize that Kirby has done this kind of cover throughout his career, and that he pre-dated Frazetta and the many others (like Barry Smith) who have worked on the famous Cimmerian barbarian who often put him in the middle of an encroaching horde. (Not that Kirby invented the visual of a single man or small number of warriors fighting a much larger force, for example Howard Pyle was making similar heroic images in 1899 for The Parapet.)

For this cover, Marvel editors called in John Romita to rework Conan's face, something that had also happened at DC Comics, where Curt Swan 'edited' Kirby's Superman faces.

Giant Size Conan by Jack Kirby 1975

Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby

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