Jess Jodloman Artwork: House of Mystery #234 - Page 4

Note the last panel on this page: the grinning, malevolent close up. Jodloman usually had one of these in every story during his run of work in the DC Comics mystery books. The sinister full-face panel didn't always indicate the villain, but it did mark the place in the story where the reader is supposed to start worrying about what's ahead. Jodloman's art usually had a blonde-haired heroine who bordered on helplessness before the forces of stupidity and evil, which were often combined in the stories to mean about the same thing.

Jess Jodloman House of Mystery 1975
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Jess Jodloman

Jess Jodloman

Weird Mystery Tales #10

Jodloman 1

Jodloman 2

Jodloman 3

Cover Dominguez

House of Mystery #234 - Pages by Jess Jodloman

House of Mystery Cover #234 1975 DC Comics

House of Mystery 1975 Jodloman Artwork

House of Mystery 1975 Jodloman Artwork

House of Mystery 1975 Jodloman Artwork

Weird Mystery Tales issue #10, 1974 DC Comics

Jodloman Captain Hatch

House of Secrets: Jess Jodloman The Sunken Treasure of Captain Hatch


1972 Rubeny Page from House of Secrets, DC Comics

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