Bar None Ranch Mickey Mouse

Floyd Gottfredson with the 1942 "Bar None Ranch"

Walt Disney; Western Publishing 1973 (Digest Reprint)

The original episode series of "The Bar None Ranch" ran in newspapers from April 22, 1940 until August 17, 1940 (I have assumed the 1942 date used by Disney in their reprint digest series refers to the combining of the comic strip into a comic book in 1942. Or, it may simply be Disney had their dates wrong.)

The gravure printing on the tiny digest-comic page (5.5" x 4") has some blurred out areas. The page tanning here is pretty bad: the yellowing throws off the generic 4-color printing.

Nonetheless, this Floyd Gottfredson (story and pencils) 5-part episode (rounding out at 72 pages) is one of the best of the series. Minnie Mouse and Clarabelle go to a 'dude ranch' which is being terrorized by Peg-leg Pete. Mickey and Goofy show up and deal with the problem.

Gottfredson was inked by Ted Thwaites and Bill Wright during this time period.

"Wot?!! Givin' me the boid, are yuh?"

Mickey Mouse Bar None

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