Chiaki from Genkaku Picasso by Usamaru Furuya

From Shonen Jump Volume 8, Number 10 - October 2010

Chiaki Yamamoto is the only friend of amateur artist Genkaku "Picasso" - nicknamed this by fellow classmates who are fascinated by but also seem to dislike the anti-social student. Chiaki won't take "no" for an answer, and forces Genkaku to interact, and the two come to a quiet compromise when Picasso allows Chiaki into his single-member "drawing club" which meets at the river to draw the moving waters. Chiaki doesn't draw, but reads psychology books, and one of her last acts as a living person is to slip a note into Genkaku's jacket pocket.

It is Chiaki's sudden death from a helicopter crash which is the catalyst for Genkaku's biggest change yet, because when he goes to retrieve the note, instead a tiny, angelic CHiaki is drawn forth. And her insistence on Genkaku pursuing a healthier mental attitude hasn't changed: she's something of both a guardian angel and a warning about what will happen if Genkaku doesn't use his talents for the benefit of others.

Genkaku Picasso



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Genkaku Picasso

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