Archie Comics Digest #261

On the Grocery Store rack by the register

Collectors of comics who are of a certain age generally pine for the days of yore when a trip into a grocery store, pharmacy or department store (what's that, you ask?) meant seeing either stacks or spinning racks of pamphlet comic books from DC, Marvel and a whole pantheon of now vanished production companies.

There's an argument to be made about whether Comic Books committed a kind of suicide during the latter 1970s into the 80s resulting in their getting exiled from the mainstream world of magazine distribution (e.g., I used to be able to buy the Jim Aparo Brave and the Bold comics at 7/11 - anything you can get at a 7/11 is a fairly ubiquitous item). Had the 'fad' of the American comic book simply run out of steam?

Another twist on this is the more probable suicide of crappy paper and printing but combined with clever weaving and ducking by the mainline companies, with DC and Marvel surviving due to the lucky break of a safety net built out of comic book specialty shops. This combined with big hit movies and TV programs, along with that whole dumpster load of ancillary items, has buoyed the comics with a bubble keeping them alive without having to rely entirely on actual sales and exposure of the traditional pamphlet comic.

But here then is the Archie Comics Digest, racked into grocery stores right along with Prevention, People Magazine and all the other literary detritus of pop magazines. Whatever Archie has going for it, it has the ability to infiltrate to a place where people can buy it without making a special car trip. What do they say about business' first rule? "Location-location-location."

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Archie Comics Digest #261

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