Silk Spectre issue 2 page by Amanda Conner

DC Comics September 2012 Cover Date

Silk Spectre navigates a three-panel triptych of a house party in San Francisco. Conner's clear story-telling and neo-Archie comics style makes the otherwise grim Darwyn Cooke script easier to digest. When I saw that third panel on the top, with the faux-early 1970s dress, I thought, "Nick Cardy!"

Silk Spectre issue 2 page by Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner

Batman Black and White #4, Feb 2014, Amanda Conner cover art

Roller derby Harley Quinn with the big hammer

Silk Spectre #1 page (with Paul Mount colors)

Silk Spectre #2 page.

Silk Spectre #3 Page, Amanda Conner

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