Silk Spectre issue 1 page by Amanda Conner

DC Comics August 2012 Cover Date

Many comic book artists lack the ability to keep a facial likeness the same in repeating panels, but Amanda Conner (with Paul Mount coloring) makes it look easy, with a consistency that allows the facial emotions to have impact with brought together in a sequence.

Silk SPectre Page issue 1

Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner

Batman Black and White #4, Feb 2014, Amanda Conner cover art

Roller derby Harley Quinn with the big hammer

Silk Spectre #1 page (with Paul Mount colors)

Silk Spectre #2 page.

Silk Spectre #3 Page, Amanda Conner

Supergirl #12, Jan 2007, Supergirl and Cosplay crowd

Supergirl #12, Jan 2007, 2-page spread

Wednesday Comics, Amanda Conner Supergirl page