Jordi Bernet

Spanish Comic Book Artist

Born June 14, 1944 in Barcelona, Spain

Jordi Bernet is the son of a Spanish comic book artist Miguel Bernet. Jordi Bernet worked on his father's series Doña Urraca aka Mrs. Magpie after his father's death in 1960, using the pseudonym "Jordi". He was fifteen.

Bernet is best know for his work on Torpedo '36, Batman, The Spirit, El Diablo, Jonah Hex and has had his work appear throughout Europe and North America in many varied series.

Poison Ivy page from Bernet's SOLO

Poison Ivy By Bernet

Bernet El Diablo

All Star Western El Diablo

El Diablo by Jordi Bernet from All Star Western #3, Jan 2012

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Bernet Spirit Page Issue 7

The Spirit #7

Jordi Bernet Index

Jordi Bernet Solo Page "Prison"

Bernet Black and White Page from "Solo"

Batman page from Bernet's Solo Book

Bernet Batman and Poison Ivy Page A

Bernet Batman and Poison Ivy Page B

Jonah Hex #65: Review of the issue by Jordi Bernet - Story by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti

Jonah Hex #13

Jonah Hex #13

Jonah Hex Issue #65 Page C

Jonah Hex Issue #65 Page B

Jonah Hex Issue #65 Page A

Jonah Hex Cover #65

Jonah Hex #65 Art

Jordi Bernet from SOLO #5, DC Comics

Jordi Bernet Batman DC Comics

Enlarge this Jordi Bernet page, from Solo #5, October 2005, DC Comics

Jordi Bernet on this web site

Jordi Bernet Batman and Catwoman

Jordi Bernet Catwoman

From Batman Black and White

The Spirit #7

Panel SPirit #7 by Jordi Bernet

Jordi Bernet - Jonah Hex Page

Jonah Hex - Bernet Art

Jonah Hex #37

Jonah Hex 37

Original Page May 2012 | Updated Jan 2015 Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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