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The Triple Prankster by Scott Neilson

The Triple Prankster by Scott Neilson

Greg Capullo Batman #13 Cover: The Joker

Greg Capullo the Joker

See the entire cover enlarged here.


Joker by Andy Brase

Art by Andy Brase - online art page

Joker vs Batman Animated Series

The Joker by Carl Critchlow

The Joker by Carl CritchlowThe Joker by Carl CritchlowThe Joker by Carl CritchlowThe Joker by Carl Critchlow

Below: The front and back cover to the VHS edition of the silent movie The Man Who Laughs (1928 silent film directed by Pual Leni). Amazon would be delighted to sell you a DVD copy of the film here.The Man Who Laughs Cover

The Man Who Laughs Back Cover

Sandoval Catwoman and Joker

Joker versus Catwoman

Catwoman 14 splash page. View enlargement.

Jerry Robinson Bio Book

Jerry Robinson Book

Brian Bolland - the Killing Joke - Batman c

The Alan Moore Joker and Batman share a moment of mirth together - from Killing Joke

Elseworld's Finest - Joker and Supergirl

Elseworld - Joker and Supergirl

The Joker and Supergirl of a different future - Artwork by Matt Haley and Tom Simmons. Text by Barbara Kesel.

Batman 1989 - foto 6 - Tim Burton

Madness and Chaos

Joker - Madness and Chaos


From the parody comic "Batmaan's Bad Week"


Joker art by Fraser Irving

Art by Fraser Irving



Batman Adventures #3, Dec 1992, Art by Ty Templeton

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad the Movie

New Suicide Squad #14, Jan 2014, Cover by Juan Ferreyra

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Cover Ken Lashley

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Ken Lashley Cover - Regulus

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Page by Cliff Richards

Suicide Squad #19, June 2013, Double-Cover by Cliff Richards

Brave and the Bold #27, Dec 1959, Suicide Squad "Task Force X" cover

More Harley Quinn

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman