Two-Fisted Tales 32 John Severin Art Cover EC ComicsJohn Severin Artwork - 2011

John Severin 1921-2012

Famed EC Comics artist, worked for Marvel & DC

Born on December 26, 1921 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Died on February 12, 2012, Denver, Colorado.

John Severin Artwork Blazing Combat

John Severin's father was a commercial artist (and an accountant) who moved his family to Long Island, New York, when John was young so that he could begin his schooling. In his teens Severin attended school in Brooklyn. As a boy Severin was particularly fond of newspaper comic strips, especially Hal Foster's Tarzan. He was also a fan of Roy Crane's "simplicity and directness" in storytelling, according to the 76-page career overview interview with Severin published in The EC Artists, Comics Journal Library Volume 8, put out by Fantagraphics. The Comics Journal Library: The EC Artists

At the age of 12 Severin began selling single panel cartoons to the Hobo News which was published from Brooklyn. Severin was an avid fan of the pulp magazines of the 1930s, but did not become particularly interested in comic books until the 1940s during his World War II military duty. After World War II Severin got involved in freelance commercial illustration, and then gravitated into comic books by way of meeting Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder.

Severin Witchfinder Page, 2011

Witchfinder John Severin Artwork

Withchfinder page by Severin, see enlarged.

Not Brand Echh King Kong Parody

John Severin Not Brand echh King Kong

See the Not Brand Echh cover art enlarged

Holding Action - John Severin 1966

Holding Action - John Severin

John Severin

John Severin

Not Brand Echh #6, Dec 1968, Marvel Comics

Witchfinder #1, February 2011, Dark Horse Comics

Blazing Combat #1, Oct 1965, Severin 'Enemy' Splash Page

Blazing Combat #3, April 1966, Severin 'Souvenirs' Splash Page

Blazing Combat #3, April 1966, Severin 'Souvenirs' Page

Blazing Combat #2, January 1966, Severin - Goodwin 'Holding Action' page a

Blazing Combat #2, January 1966, Severin - Goodwin 'Holding Action' page b

Blazing Combat #2, January 1966, Severin - Goodwin 'Holding Action' page c

Original Page March 2014 Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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