Jack Davis

America's Caricaturist extraordinaire

Born December 2, 1924

Prolific artist who first rose to prominence while working as a freelancer for EC Comics. Davis' caricature talents have been heavily imitated, and he has an easily recognizable 'big foot' style. Whether Davis was perfectly suited for drawing promotional art or if latter-20th century pop culture just happened to develop in a way that mirrored his particular ability, is hard to say. Davis makes likenesses that are goofy but without any nastiness, so the balance of editorial message in a caricature is totally mitigated by the need for a positive impression of the subject. Considering Davis came from a background of having illustrated dozens of violent EC Comics stories, that he modulated the artwork into a different attitude in his later career shows a mastery of skill.

Davis illustrated 22 covers for TV Guide magazine between 1968 and 1991, and besides his numerous movie posters and record album covers, this might be how he is best known in America. With comic book aficionados, though, he is one of the chief members in the EC Comics pantheon.

Two-Fisted Annual 1953, EC Comics

Jack Davis artwork cover Two-Fisted Tales Annual 1953

Jack Davis cover of Two-Fisted Annual 1953, EC Comics. View enlarged.

Jack Davis - Parody of the film "Giant"

Jack Davis - James Dean Parody Giant FIlm


James Dean, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor

Cigar Store Indian 1957 - from Humbug #3

Jack Davis Cigar Store Indian 1957

Jack Davis Art - 1978

Jack Davis Ovaltine Art

Ovaltine illustration

Jack Davis the Impossible Years Movie Poster

Jack Davis Artwork - Frankenstein

More Frankenstein

Inspector Clouseau soundtrack album artwork

Inspector Clouseau art by Jack Davis

Will Eisner Portrait by Jack Davis

John Wayne cover for Famous Westerns of Filmland #2

Jack Davis artwork - John Wayne Comics Book 2 from 1960

Jack Davis cover for Warrens Famous Westerns of Filmland #2, 1960

1956 Mad Magazine #28 - Jack Davis

Jack Davis art Mad Magazine 28 -from 1956

SPace Race Missiles art - Jack Davis 1956

Jack Davis panels from Tales from the Crypt #24, 1951

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 1

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 2

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 3

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 4

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 5

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 6

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 7

Creepy Cover issue 1 by Jack Davis

Jack Davis Art

Jack Davis Frankenstein

Jack Davis art - EC Comics - Tales of the Crypt

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