House of Mystery

Long running mystery and horror title from DC Comics that featured a vast roster of comic book artists from around the globe.

Talaoc House of Mystery 224

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Page by Ramona Fradon House of Mystery 232

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House of Mystery #281, 1980

House of Mystery 281 Jim Starlin Cover art BoxingRomeo Tanghal House of Mystery 281 Splash Page

Frank Redondo House of Mystery 281Joel Magpieo House of Mystery 281

Jodloman Panel, 1975, House of Mystery

Jess Jodloman

Jess Jodloman panel, see whole page

More Jess Jodloman - Sunken Pearls of Captain Hatch, 1974

House of Mystery #206

House of Mystery 206 - cover Tony DeZuniga

House of Mystery #206, Sept 1972

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Kaluta Cover

House of Mystery 233 - Mike Kaluta Happy Death Day Cover

Art by Mike Kaluta

House of Secrets #5, July-Aug 1957, Art by Bob Brown
Original Page Nov 2014 | Updated Aug 2015
Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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